- Eric S. Beaverton



-Shane N. Hillsboro



- Michele M. Oregon City


- Jeremy C. Beaverton


George helped us sell our downtown condo in record time!

He worked with us constantly, explaining every step along the way, and going out of his way on nights and weekends to make sure everything went smoothly. He negotiated with the buyer and made sure we got the best deal possible. We highly recommend him for buying and selling property. Damon G. -Portland


Sold at 98.6% of asking price in 3 days!

So, here's the news. We put our house on the market on Thursday and we signed an agreement to sell today. We got what we wanted with very little concession. I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome our real estate guy is. If you are in Portland and you need someone to help you find or sell a house, call George Huertas. He's the bomb. The bees knees, etc. etc.:D –April G. Portland


We found the perfect home at the perfect price!

George Huertas recently helped us buy our new home. I am completely impressed by his ability to not only successfully navigate through a very detailed buying process but also with his ability to communicate with us at each step what to expect. We found the perfect home at a great price. George successfully negotiated a fair price as well as all of the repairs that were important to us. Everything happened exactly as he told us it would. We would highly recommend George to anyone seeking to buy a home. He is honest and will work hard for his clients. Christian B. -Tigard


Rental to repairs to SOLD at 98.9% of asking price!

 Our rental was in pretty rough shape when our tenant gave us his notice to move. After he vacated, we had a walk through with George to find out what needed to be done in order to get this home sold as soon as possible. George gave us advice on exactly what we needed to do to get it sold in the fastest way possible. Within 3 days, we had multiple offers and finally settled on one that was a full price offer. The inspection report told a different story. Our home had some other things to do so we lost that buyer. George never flinched and we went right back on the market. George set everything up with his contractor and we got things addressed on some additional repairs. Within a week, we had multiple offers again and accepted  a cash offer with a 2 week close! It was scary to lose that first buyer, but George and his team held it together and got the job done and believed it would happen even when we didn’t. Thank you George Huertas!—Rob and Mackenzie E.


“$10,400 over asking price in less than 3 days!”

After some consideration to go fsbo, and interviewing several agents, we received a referral to George Huertas from an old Realtor friend of ours who was no longer in the business. We met with George and after he laid out his structured & systematic way of selling homes, we chose to list with him, and I am glad we did! We sold homes before in the past, and this was by far the smoothest sale ever. Within 3 days we had multiple offers and settled on one offer that landed us an extra $10,400 over our sale price! He and his team handled every aspect of the negotiations and processes and kept us in the loop all along the way. We even had the chance to meet the buyer who would be living in the home we treasured and raised our children in. We were impressed with his systems, approach, professionalism and consideration to our  needs and concerns. It was a great experience and his team made it happen. –Mike and Rhonda C.


"Sold my home in one day for $5099 over asking price!"

After interviewing multiple Realtors, my hunt for the perfect Realtor ended with George Huertas. He expertly laid out his master plan on how I could get the most for my home with the least amount of time on the market. It was the best laid out plan I'd heard of yet and I knew I was in good hands with this Realtor! His impeccable professionalism, positive 'can-do and will-do' attitude, coupled with his strong business knowledge impressed me. George's patience and thoroughness in explaining the process was exactly what this first-time seller needed. He was good to his word checking in on me every week and with every communication initiated by me, he responded quickly. George's team were also great to work with! They were quick, efficient, and helpful. They gave great advise on preparing my home for sale and dealing with negotiations. George Huertas and his team took on the task of selling my home while I was able to focus on moving and transition. I can't say enough of how thankful I am for George Huertas and his team and I will recommend him to anyone looking to have a worry-free experience in the home buying/selling process. - S Tyler, Oregon City


"Our home sold in one day for $14,999 over the asking price!"

As first time home sellers, we were unsure of what to do, or where to start when we decided to sell our home. We met with George Huertas to go over the process and his marketing systems. He had all the contacts, experience and team to make things happen. Within one day of going on the market, we received multiple offers and settled on one that was $14,999 over asking price! The sale was smooth and he was in contact with us till the last day. Having George handle everything was invaluable to us. It created a stress-free transition and eliminated much of the 'run-around' that one would expect. George's open communication style and use of technology allowed for our generation of tech-savvy homeowners to view and handle paperwork, communicate, and schedule far easier than what exists in today's conventional business environment.  –Jereme and Sylvia Coker, Hillsboro


“George has been the best Realtor I have worked with…”

You all know that I have been buying an investment property. I wanted to give you my Realtors info in case you decide that you want to look into investing in property as well. George has been the best Realtor I have worked with. My past experiences made me wonder why even bother getting an agent, other than to protect me in case something goes wrong with the deal. However, George has actually taught me that a great agent does a lot more than just write up an offer and submit it. He has been all over getting the deal done and has actually been a huge asset, he has been a true extension of me. He gave me recommendations for an inspector, set up the appointments, and then when I couldn’t be there he covered it for me on a Saturday. He chased down the HOA for approval to rent the townhouse for 2 weeks and had to attend a HOA meeting and present to the board why they should give us the rent approval. Which we got! On our first housing deal he set up contractors to come out and give us quotes for needed repairs. Then he attended those walk throughs when we were not available. The website that Prudential is using actually has the most data available of all the sites I have tried using. Funny enough, this is how I connected with George in the first place. I had to sign up – just an email, to get access to the automated home searching. What his site has that others do not is HOA information. You will find a lot of sites that do not list the HOA fees, but his does. This is a huge factor when you are trying to determine if the house makes sense as an investment.He has really impressed me and my wife. I know in the future we will continue to use George or anyone in his office. You all know that I don’t give praise out freely, so he has really impressed me! –J and K Wannberg, Hillsboro


“You carefully guided us through every step of the process…”

Thank you so much for helping our family buy our new home. You carefully guided us through every step of the process and in our dealings with the other agent and listing company. Your advice was so valuable and it gave us a peace about the entire process. Our family will enjoy many years in our brand new home. You and your team are exceptional! -- Shane and Tamara Nussbaumer Hillsboro

“He was always positive and never quit, even when others would have.”

 George Huertas! I had talked to 3 or 4 other real estate agents before I went to George and once they heard how upside down I was they never returned my call. George took the time to sit down with me and really understand my situation. He worked tirelessly to get this short sale done. He was always positive and never quit, even though many would have. He found buyers so fast it was amazing. Because of George my family is in a much better situation then what I ever thought it would be at this point. Thank you George Huertas!” –J. Carver Beaverton


“He helped us negotiate a savings of $5652 on our purchase.”

As recent transplants to Oregon, my husband and I started the search for our new home. With so many agents in the Portland area, and with many of them saying they were “the best”, or they “produce the most”, or they were with the “fastest growing company”, we decided to ask some friends for the name of an agent we could be sure to trust, so they gave us George’s contact information and said that he could be trusted and would do an excellent job…they were right. George and his team didn’t disappoint. He was there from the beginning, showing us homes and educating us on the current market. When we found the right home, he helped us negotiate a savings of $5652 on our purchase of a brand new home in a very competitive neighborhood. We would definitely recommend him if you need to buy a home.  --Anbu and Durga Portland


"When I needed to find my first home George was able to successfully navigate me through the experience without a single speed bump." –J. Armirall


“Never say die attitude, with expert advice and strong negotiations.”

After relocation from Colorado and several years of living in rentals, our family began our home search in a market with little to no inventory, and prices on the rise. Our agent George Huertas counseled us on the purchase of our first home in Oregon.  With so few homes on the market, sellers pretty much could call the shots on anything they wanted the buyer to do. We found the perfect home for us and George quickly initiated negotiations. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly until our appraisal came in. Before we could even approach the seller about a reduction, they immediately placed the home back on the market and pretty much kicked us out. George got on the phone and literally rescued the sale with some hard negotiating and got the seller to agree to come down $8300 from the price they had placed it back on the market for. Wow! He managed every detail all the way to the end of the sale with the appraiser, contractors, inspectors, mortgage brokers…everything. Words cannot describe the feeling we had when George delivered our new house keys after such a hard fought and negotiated sale; my family is truly appreciative of everything he and his team did to get us in there. David and Dannielle Kephart –Tigard Or


“George Huertas is the absolute best choice for your home purchase or sale.”

“When my wife and I purchased our current home, we were in our early thirties and had already been involved with seven real-estate transactions. Prior this purchase, we had always taken care to pick our realtor’s from a firm’s top-selling agents.  We had great experiences.   Only after years of buying and selling homes—we discovered George Huertas. 

George gave us a new perspective on the role of a broker in the real estate transaction.  Soon after George went to work for us—we quickly discovered that He was different. George immediately took complete ownership of the transaction from the start to finish.  He was not afraid to negotiate hard and was extremely tactful and strategically minded.  His market-savvy and honest perspectives were a breath of fresh-air in an industry where realtor’s often white-wash market news with a plastic façade of contrived optimism.  George stayed ahead of every step—preparing us for decisions to come.  He created space and enjoyment within the purchase. 

Most of all, we appreciated George’s attention to every detail of the process and his smooth approach to problem solving.  It was all so natural and painless; it was as if He was leading us down a path he’d walked down hundreds of times before.  His approach was confidence inspiring.  I was completely at ease knowing that we had a consummate professional working the deal for us.

George Huertas is the absolute best choice for your home purchase or sale.”    Jeremy and Christy Stewart-- SherwoodOr


“$20,770 in savings negotiated off of our offer price on a foreclosure investment for my husband and I… against 15 competing offers!!”

Over a three week period, four offers, 32 competing offers, and a heck of a deal on a foreclosure landed by our agent George Huertas. During the process, we discovered through his recommended inspections potential repairs in excess of $20,000. We would have been stuck with that, but during the negotiation process with a slow moving bank, George went in and negotiated $20,770 in savings on our first rental investment!!! He worked sometimes into the night to make sure we would get the best deal we could in a crazy competitive market…Thank you George Huertas!! Mr. and Mrs. Dunne- Real Estate Investors in Beaverton


“George’s team was the only legit one that came in.”

We attempted to sell FSBO and I couldn’t believe how many agents tried to convince us to list with them. There was only one agent that actually brought someone by, that was George Huertas. His professionalism impressed us so much that when we decided to list, there was one person we called. Our home hadn’t been on the market in over 46 years and didn’t appear to be financeable. George came in assessed the situation, developed the marketing approach, and we had an offer in less than 21 days, and closed about a month after that. He and his team totally impressed us with their tenacity and integrity! -Peter C-Hillsboro


"He followed through to the end, even when everything was against us!"

After losing my job due to the recession, we had to sell our home. After much prayer and thought, we hired George and his team who committed from the beginning to follow through to the end no matter what happened. 13 offers later, with constant negotiations, denials, litigation, and two banks that would not work with us, it finally happened….George and his team came through and negotiated the release from our lender. It was a long road, but when he said he would see it through the end, he meant it. –Dave and Jennifer S.  Hillsboro


"We saved $23,902 on our first investment!"

We thank him for pointing us in the right direction. Our experience with he and his team will change our lives. George handled everything from A to Z and we saved at least $23,903 on our purchase.  --Steve S.  Portland


 "I sold FSBO, George brought the buyer, negotiated the sale, and it was win-win for everyone!"

As a savvy investor, I buy and sell a lot of real estate. I was marketing a home for sale and George approached me about a buyer he was representing. He and his team came in, negotiated the sale, handled all the small details and even closed in just 3 weeks! In real estate, it has to be win-win all the way around and the George Huertas Group made it happen. Next time I buy or sell a home, I’m calling George first.  --Damon K.  Portland


"After one agent didn’t come through, George did!"

Within 3 weeks and using his Buyer’s Advantage Program, I bought my first real estate investment that will net me and my partner thousands of dollars. We bought a fixer from a whole seller that didn’t know the ins and outs of Oregon Real Estate. George found the property that wasn’t even listed in the MLS, negotiated the price, got the seller to pay his commission, and the seller even had to bring in cash to close. He and his team did all the work, and we closed in just 3 weeks. Outstanding job! --Christian S.  Portland


"He even cut his fee to make it happen when no one else would come through!"

With his Buyer’s Advantage Program, I bought my first home that is way better than I thought I would get being a first time buyer. George and his team were great. He even cut several hundred dollars off of his buyer agent fee to make sure I could buy this home and went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.  --Anne B.  Portland


“By listing our home with George, it sold 25.4% faster than other homes in our neighborhood.”

–Jason and Phebe M.,  Hillsboro


“Our home sold 60% faster than other homes on the market!”

We decided to sell our home during the toughest housing market in over thirty years. In our area, there hadn’t been a home sale in over a year. George and his team came to the rescue and sold our home in a quarter of the time that other homes were selling for outside of our area. George, Leslie, and the rest of his team are simply the best! –David and Julie P., Beaverton


“I listed my home with George and my home SOLD in 11 days for $3100 more than asking!”

“I listed my home with George and my home SOLD in 11 days for $3100 more than asking! He made my sale smooth, easy, and fast! I without question would work with him again, and refer all of my friends and family. Great job!   -Kristi K., Portland


"Sold in less than 3 weeks for 97.2% of asking price!"

After 8 months on the market with our first Realtor™, we listed with George and his team sold our home in less than 3 weeks with two offers at 97.2% of asking price utilizing his Smart Moves Program. We were floored with the results. He told us he focuses on results, and he got them! --Chris and Amy C., Beaverton


“George saved me $4305 on my purchase with his Buyer’s Advantage Program!”

We worked with our first agent for several months and were getting frustrated with the speed of response and overall lack of good customer service. We contacted George and his team and he showed us his Buyer’s Advantage program….Wow! Within one week we wrote an offer and through his negotiations he saved us $4305! We still can’t believe how smooth his team made this in this crazy market! -David and Carley S., Beaverton



“George saved me over $5000 on my first home.”

When we bought our home, there was a problem with the roof. George went in and negotiated down the price by an extra $2000, and saved us more than $3000 on the purchase alone, totaling $5500 in savings! --Ryan S., Portland


“Your value is so much more than money.”

I was concerned about every aspect of our home purchase. All the way from the very beginning, your team was exceptional. From your coordinators, to your inspectors, and your Home Services people, I knew my family was in good hands. -Marty B., Portland


 “You came through and cared about what happened.”

I can’t believe we made it through what we did. Your Team really looked out for my best interest. We had a problem with the other Broker, and you and your Team saved the day. You, Barbara, and Mary were awesome. ---Gretchen A., Beaverton


“You made it happen.”

Man, you’re a Tiger!---Matthew T., Raleigh Hills


“We saved $5000 on our first home!”

“During a relocation to Oregon, George was our agent when we bought our first home. We saved $5000 off of the asking price. We will definitely use him again, and send him business in the future. He delivered.” --Ashok and Nandini M., Hillsboro


 “George saved me $8749 while buying my home!”

After spending time with an agent that just wasn’t motivated, my loan officer referred George and his team to help me out. Through his tough negotiating, George saved me more than $8700 on my home purchase. Every step of the way was great, and I got a great house.” --Eric S., Beaverton


"George committed in the beginning and followed through to the end."

Using George’s Buyer’s Advantage Program, this purchase was smooth, efficient and I found a home that is just what I was looking for. Everything worked out from the search, the inspections, the financials and the transition from being a renter to a buyer. George said from the beginning that he would see this through to the end and he delivered. -J. Miller, Portland